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I-Small Building Ⅲ
List Price US $185, KR \198,000
Net Price US $157, KR \168,300
Size 26cm x 30cm
Pages 636
Color Full Color
Language English, Korean
Cover Hard cover
ISBN 978-89-5770-761-6

<I-Small Building Ⅲ> focuses on small and medium-sized structures which are less highlighted than large buildings. 95 works of art are introduced under the various categories of neighborhood facility, community service center, government office building, post office, fire station. A lot of pictures, planes, elevations and sections are provided in great details along with diagrams, ensuring in-depth understanding of small and medium-sized buildings. This book will help readers develop new ideas and gain wider and more insightful perspectives.

<I-Small Building Ⅲ>는 대규모 건축에 비하여 상대적으로 규모가 작은 중소규모 건축물에 중점을 두고 있다. 국내외에서 최근 완공된 작품들을 근린생활시설, 주민센터 및 청사, 우체국, 소방서 등의 다양한 용도로 분류하여 95개의 작품을 소개하고 있으며, 사진과 함께 평면, 입면, 단면 등 여러 부분에 대한 디테일 도면과 다이어그램 등을 풍부하게 수록하여 중소규모 건축물에 대하여 깊이 있게 다루었다. 이 책을 통하여 독자들이 새로운 아이디어와 폭넓은 혜안을 얻을 수 있을 것이다.





Commercial & Neighbourhood

Brick Cube
SWSM Office
Pop-Up Building
Cartier Maison Cheongdam
Rookie 1129
White Edge on Brick
Hwa Hwa Rak Jeong
Paju Balgeunmirae Publishing Company Offce
Uhjjuhdah Store @Mangwon
G.G.M Wedding
Ossu House
Cafe The Pyeon
House 1+2
Manlipo Bay Breeze Family Hotel

Community Center & Government Office 

Jeju-si Ara-dong Community Center
Namwon-eup Office
Jisandong Community Service Center
Yonghyeon Community Center 1, 4
Namgajwa-1dong Community Center
Daemyeong 3dong Community Center
Onyang 6-dong Community Service Center
Gocheondong Community Service Center
National Agency for Administrative City Complex Community Center
Orgeval Community Center
Laan van de Glazen Stad - Westland Town Hall
Multi-aged Community Centre
Samnye-eup Community Service Center
Yeouidong Community Service Center
Herstal City Hall
Hogyedong Government Complex
Viborg Town Hall
Northern Regional Forest Service Office
Verdilaan - Westland Town Hall
Bezons’ New City Hall
Almagro Courthouse
Courts of Ourense
Freiburg Town Hall
Korea National Park Service Office
Town Hall Eysturkommuna
Austrian Embassy Bangkok


Welfare center & Library

Cheongdo Disabled Welfare Center
DeKalb County Central Senior Center
Samdo 1dong Community Service Center
Getafe Market Cultural Center
Pal. Asunaro
Towada Civic Center Plaza
The Void
Nowon Children Welfare Center
Curra Community Hall
Youngju Senior Center
Gwanak-gu Community Health Center
Sukmun Culture & Sports Center
Gusandong Library Village
St. Paul Media Library
Gangdong Haegong Public Library
Library for Qujing Culture Center
Jojong Library
Palmetto Library
Laure-Conan Library and City Hall of Ville de la Malbaie
Sanghyun Library & YoNgin Family Center
Waterdown Library and Civic Centre
Maegok Library
Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library
SAINT-Eustache Library
Carles Rahola Public Library
Sindae Administration Complex


Post Office & Fire Station & Police Station

Sejong Post Office
Seoul Guro Post Office
Post Office Site Conversion
Seoul Donamdong post office
Namwon Sannae post office
Jangsu Post Office
Yangyang post office
Jeju Hwabuk-dong Branch post Office
Chuncheon Post Offce
Yeongdong Post Office
Hwaseongbyeongjeom Post Office
Gangneung District Post Office
Gimpo Post Office
Centum 119 Safety Center
Fire Station for the SRI-Charleroi
Bia 119 Fire Emergency Center
Minamisoma City Fire Department Disaster Control Center
Weinfelden Fire Station
Ambulance Station Simmering
Gwangjin Police Station
Saint-Denis Police Station