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List Price US $320, KR \320,000
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Size 26cm x 30cm
Pages Ⅰ: 442 / Ⅱ: 456
Color Full Color
Language English, Korean
Cover Hard cover
ISBN 978-89-5770-756-2

The new edition of " I-FOCUS Ⅰ,Ⅱ " introduces 132 projects of Housing∙Commerce∙Office∙Culture∙Education and Public facility recently completed in the world. It emphasizes architectural Concept, Diagram, Facade and Detail to enhance design sensibility for readers. This book will be used as the practical guide book and the inspirational archive to give the latest design trends.

새로 출간된 " I-FOCUS Ⅰ,Ⅱ "는 전 세계 최근 완공된 132개의 주거∙상업∙오피스∙문화∙교육∙공공시설을 소개하고 있다. 건축에 있어서의 컨셉, 다이어그램, 파사드, 디테일을 강조하며 독자들의 디자인 감각을 높이고 있다. 견고하고 묵직한 분량의 아카이브로서 건축 전공 대학(원)생 및 건축 관련 종사자들에게는 든든한 소장가치와 새로운 아이디어를 제공하고, 일반인들에게는 최신 디자인 동향을 살펴볼 수 있는 실용서로 활용될 것이다.




Housing + Commerce + Office

Dulegil house
Residential Nasima
Louver Haus
Home in High Latitude
Zaferaniye Garden Complex
Maison de Ile-de-France
Hanging Gardens Tower in Copenhagen
Lagos′s Wooden Tower
Citta del Sole
Glass House at Sindhorn
Wien Viertel Zwei Plus – Urban Terraces
Honda Showroom Nakornchaisri
Mashhad City Complex
OMEGA Flagship Store
Lideta Market
Wine and Brandy Distillery Museum & Warehouse
Four Seasons Hotel Seoul
Hotel Proverbs Taipei
Bank of China Tower
Nutrabolt Corporate Headquarters


Culture + Education + Public

Sydhavn Church
Dankook Univ. Concert Hall
Ku.Be House of Culture and Movement
Congress Hall for BRICS and SCO
LEGO House
Faena District
Zaanstad Cultural Cluster
National Museum Complex Master Plan of Administrative City
Moreira Salles Institute
Cordoba house
Tainan Tung-Men Holiness Church
Renovation of Wuzhen North Silk Factory for contemporary art exhibition
Floral solar
Elementary School and Student Residence in Saint-Denis
André Malraux’s Group of Schools in Montpellier
Beijing No.12 Kindergarten
Lycee Francais de Seoul
Chaoyang Future School
Clover House Kindergarten
Almost invisible school
Morinoie Nursery School
Bangkok University International College & Art Gallery
Seoqwipo-si Sugwang-ri Training Center
Kindergarten in Guastalla
Architecture School
New facility for University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
Institute of Advanced Study of the University of Amsterdam
Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library
Community centre with the Town hall in Brno
Wunam Station of Seoul Subway Line 8
Multi-purpose sports facility in Ørestad City
Old Post Office Idea Exchange
Varna Regional Library






Culture + Commerce + Education

Royal Arena 
Antalya Aquarium 
Skating Rink in Kayseri 
Rhike Park, Music Theatre and Exhibition Hall 
Cite du Vin 
Cultual Center La Gota - Tabacoo Museum 
Petersen Automotive Museum 
Theatre d’Anglet 
Roberts Pavilion 
Show Palace Munich 
Kew Gardens Hills Library 
National Music Center Studio Bell 
Kintex 2 Exhibition Hall 
Platform L 
Centro Sarca 
KIA Beat 360 
Tokyu Plaza Ginza 
Watermark WestQuay 
Raffles City 
Bangkok Midtown Hotel 
Nakara Residential Hotel 
Apple Dubai Mall 
Royal Atlantis 
Le Toison d’Or 
Lotte World Tower 
Oasia Hotel Downtown 
Bergeron Center for Engineering Excellence 
Learning Hub 
Xi′ an Jiaotong Liverpool University Administration Information Building 
ENSAE ParisTech, Campus Paris-Saclay 
IKC Zeven Zeeen 
Inha Univ. 60th Anniversary Memorial Hall
Paul Public Charter School 
Louis de Vion 
Equinix Data Center in Amsterdam 
Creche Ropponmatsu Kindergarten 
Central European University

Office + Housing + Public
Bund Finance Center 
Five Manhattan West 
Headquarters of Metropole Rouen Normandie
SMMA Gangnam Building 
265 West 45th Street 
Holcom Headquarter 
Hub Creatic 
CLT Multi Comfort Office Building 
Prism Tower 
SPG Headquarters 
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Head Office 
Canaletto Tower 
UNIK Apartments 
520 West 28th 
Properly Breathing House 
A3(Advanced Architecture Apartments) 
Fulton - A5 A1 
Ishatvam 9 
Flying House 
Casa Verde Young Women’s Care Home 
Social Residential Lorraine 
15 Clerkenwell Close 
Palace of Justice 
Jeju Therapy Center 
Hungarian National Tennis Center 
Danang Administration Center 
Leixoes Cruise Terminal 
Westland Town Hall 
Vartaverket Biomass-fuelled CHP plant